• What is DIVE INTO?

    DIVE INTO is one of WEC's short-term mission programs, designed for the young generation, aged 18 to 35, to provide various short-term mission opportunities. These programs range from 2 to 12 weeks, during which Divers from all over the world become one team to share their cultures and contribute to the Kingdom’s work. Additionally, mentoring and fellowship with experienced long-term workers in the field are parts of the valuable experiences that help Divers grow their faith and pray for God’s call for long-term missions.


    • A WEC short-term mission program

    • Ages 18-35

    • 2-12 weeks

    • Serve in a multicultural team

    • Receive mentoring and fellowship with experienced long-term workers in the field

    • Locations for 2024: DIVE INTO South Asia, Japan, Spain, East Timor, France, Southeast Asia

    DIVE INTO 2024

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  • Quotes from Divers

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    "On the Camino I learned to share my story. It’s amazing to see how fast I could have deep conversations with strangers."

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    Hyun Young

    "It was the place where God called me for a long-term mission and made me more excited about reaching the unreached."

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    "We’ve stopped at hostels that were full of other pilgrims that we could really open up to and have good deep conversations with"

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    "I just learnt how to better share the gospel and connect with people and to be more comfortable sharing my testimony"

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    "God poured the Father’s heart for the lost (into my heart) and also got me to think ‘what can I do for the Lord?’"